A recent meta-analysis had suggested that rosiglitazone increases chance of myocardial infarction. The RECORD trial addressed the issue of cardiac complications of rosiglitazone.

It was found that when compared to sulfonylureas and metformin, rosiglitazone does not increase MI or cardiovascular death. But, there is an increase in the incidence of congestive heart failure with rosiglitazone.

It was also found that rosiglitazone was associated with more hypoglycemia and bone fractures. Not that increase in bone fractures was noted with pioglitazone in the PERISCOPE trial.

RECORD stands for Rosiglitazone Evaluated for Cardiovascular Outcomes in Oral Agent Combination Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes.

It is published in Lancet June 5, 2009 issue.